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Bookings by email apilatattoo ︎

In your email mention: 
  • Your full name (and/or the name I can call you by)
  • Phone number
  • Theme or idea for the tattoo
  • Do you want the tattoo in color, in black & gray or with just black ink?
  • What size would you like your tattoo in (cm x cm estimate)
  • What part of your body would you like the tattoo on?
  • Your schedule: When could you come get tattooed?
  • Your budget (if You have)
  • If you have any allergies, mental or physical illnesses that might affect the tattooing process. 
  • Attach photos of the are you’d like to get the tattoo on if the tattoo would be a cover up / blast over or if there are already a other tattoos in the same area. 
  • Attach inspiration photos for the design. You can also attach samples of the style you’d like the tattoo in. These samples can be of tattoos made by me or other art.

I will reply to you with a time suggestion for the tattoo appointment. I will include an estimate of the time it might take to tattoo this design and a price estimate. 

We can also have a consultation for the tattoo in person at the studio before the appointment. 

Note! Sometimes my emails end up in the spam folder! Do check your spam folder. If I don’t reply to your email in a few weeks try to contact me again by email or on instagram dm. 

You need to pay a deposit of 80€ before your tattoo appointment. The deposit is to secure your appointment and secure my income in case the client doesn’t show up for their appointment. The deposit also acts as a design fee, I will not start drawing custom tattoos until the deposit is paid.

You can pay the deposit through my online shop:

The deposit is reduced from the final price of the tattoo. The deposit needs to be paid at least two weeks (14 days) before the tattoo appointment. If the project takes longer than one session the booking fee is reduced from the final session.

Apila Tattoo
apilatattoo ︎

Studio Nokkasiili
Luotsikatu 3
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Apila Tattoo
apilatattoo ︎

Studio Hellä
Luotsikatu 3
00160 Helsinki