Vegan tattoos

Vegan tattooing
I try my best to use only vegan materials and supplies in the tattooing process. The inks, stencil paper, stencil stuff, soaps, ointments, sprays, cleaning supplies etc. are all vegan. 
I try my best to find the vegan alternative for everything. I am always educating myself on the materials I use and their origins.

To ensure hygienic conditions during the tattooing process it’s best to use disposable materials. Almost all the materials I use in my tattooing process are disposable. I use disposable gloves, stencils, needles, plastic wraps, water cups, ink cups, razors, tapes, grip tape and papers. The tattoo machine, power unit, cords, soap bottles and furniture are reusable. I clean and desinfect these reusable supplies always after and before the tattooing process. During the tattooing process I protect them with plastic. 

I clean all the surfaces before and after tattooing with Desinfektol.
I wash my hands thoroughly with water and soap and use hand desinfectant. I touch the client’s skin only while wearing nitrile gloves. 

Tattooing supplies

Here is a listing of all the supplies and materials I use in my tattooing process. 
If you are allergic to some of these we can substitute them with another product in the tattooing process. 

Stencil paper:
  • Spirit Vegan Thermal Transfer Paper

  • Vegan Stencil Stuff

  • Nitrile & vinyl gloves

Tattoo machine:
  • FK Irons Spektra Xion
  • Bishop PAcker Wand

Freehand drawing
  • Sharpie markers
  • Viscot Surgical Marker

  • EZ Needle Cartridges
  • Da Vinci Needle Cartridges

  • Viking by Dynamic
  • Dynamic

  • Desinfektol
  • Distel High Level Medical Surface Disinfectant Eucalyptus

  • Panthera Babool soap

  • INK-EEZE Green Glide

Dressing the tattoo after tattooing:
  • Suprasorb Film Dressing

Other materials I sometimes use in the tattooing process:
  • Aloe Tattoo Stencil Eraser Spray
  • Aloe Tattoo Red Out Bioactive Calming Foam
  • The SPRIzZ Ink-Away Superfoam
  • Panthera Witch Hazel

If you have anything to ask about the materials and supplies I use in my tattooing process, please send me an email at apilatattoo ︎ gmail.

Apila Tattoo
apilatattoo ︎

Studio Nokkasiili
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Apila Tattoo
apilatattoo ︎

Studio Nokkasiili
Luotsikatu 3
00160 Helsinki